About Us

SWIG MEDIA creates innovative, disruptive, entertainment technologies, which offers Swig’s products and services and its’ Global Entertainment Network, major market competitive advantages. The Company’s suite of patent pending and proprietary technologies, which includes peerless live event streaming, optimized cloud content & management tools, cloud based encoding /transcoding and SwigStreaming (without 3rd party CDN). Swig Media promises a ‘buffer-free end-use experience, with brilliant visual quality, with no degradation in quality and service , even UHD and 4K.

SWIG MEDIA offers an ‘end-to-end’, ‘one-stop-shop’ distribution/ monetization solution which seamlessly merges the actual digital distribution tasks and the business operations , into a single, user-friendly, product. Every task essential for digital distribution, from content ingestion, publishing, syndication, rights management, promotion, marketing, monetization, interaction with end-user, to analytics are integrated into real-time, interactive system, which can be managed and controlled without the need for any technical skills, beyond typing.

Swig Media empowers content partners with unprecedented content rights management capabilities, including geo-blocking (on or off) country by country, and managing product charges, all real-time. When it comes to deployment, SWIG MEDIA is the only provider in the marketplace to offer a viable game changing e-distribution solution for content creators, distributors and publishers with incomparable market-competitive advantages and significant cost savings.